The maps and soundfiles for the walk are available below, split into 4 consecutive parts to enable participants to more easily synchronise their pace with that of the recording. A slow steady pace is recommended. If participating as a group synchronise yourselves by pressing 'play' simultaneously
The walk lasts for around an hour, starting at the St George Wharf river bus pier and concluding by the Savona Estate. The maps in the sequence below each correspond to the four recordings. Parts 2, 3 and 4 commence on the far side of their respective road crossings so you can take your time getting across before pressing 'play'. There are some silences on the recording so don’t assume it has gone wrong. When you reach the conclusion of the walk, stood by the millpond, feel free to close your eyes.

Please be aware that participation in an OpenCity soundwalk is entirely at participant's own risk and that walking whilst listening through headphones is likely to be disorientating. Thus special care should be taken on stages of the route where there may be cyclists and motorists, and where there is water.

Photo credit: Mickey Lee for Nine Elms on the South Bank

Part 1 (St George's Wharf pier)

Part 2 (facing the US Embassy)

Part 3 (On the North side of Nine Elms Lane, opposite New Mill Road)

Part 4 (by the crossing on the South side of Battersea Park Road,
outside the flats 77-99)

The walk concludes looking through the steel gate into the rear of the industrial units at the junction of Ascalon Street and Thessaly Road. It is suggested that you close your eyes at this point.

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