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OpenCity Nine Elms

16 December 2017

A soundwalk commissioned by curator Rosie Hermon, part of the Winter Trails: Remapping Nine Elms festival. Participants will be led together on an accessible and immersive soundwalk through the area undergoing massive redevelopment. Within the augmented reality of the soundwalk opportunities are created for personal speculation on place, time and the processes of change.


Pentrich Rising

Since June 2017

To mark the bicentenary of the ill-fated Pentrich revolt sound artist Andrew Brown has composed three soundwalks, each a creative response to the events of June 1817. Fellow artists collaborating on the project include Leigh Toro, Agnes Williams, Benedik Williams, Alasdair Thurston-Ambrose and Harry Freestone.

Each walk can be performed independently, by visiting
Download all sections of a particular walk in advance to a computer, and from there to your device (smartphone, ipod, ipad etc). Use the map below to help orientate yourself and the information to provide historical insights.

South Wingfield QR Map Information

Pentrich QR Map Information

Giltbrook QR Map Information

Alternatively you can access the soundtrack via QR codes above, and depending upon the strength of phone signal you can then use cellular data to trigger the recordings. Simply download the relevant QR PDF above to a computer, print it off and scan with your smartphone as you proceed along the route, using a QR reader app, such as Zapper. It is recommended that you also print off the relevant downloadable map and information sheet.
Sounds have been designed to be experienced in sync with locations along the route, to be walked at a steady medium to brisk pace. It is recommended that if you are performing the walk as a group that you each start the recordings at the same moment and stick together. Each soundwalk has been split into sections to allow you to re-synchronise periodically.
Ensure that your smartphone or other device is fully charged and that you bring in- or on-ear headphones (NOT the over-ear variety) as it is essential that you are able to hear the sounds around you alongside the recording

When performing the walks stick to authorised rights of way. Exercise particular care when walking on roads as wearing headphones and listening to the soundtrack can be highly disorienting. Participants undertake the walk on the understanding that the artists are not held liable for any injury or damage howsoever caused and that participants do so entirely at their own risk.

The South Wingfield and Pentrich walks take around 2 hours to complete, Giltbrook taking one hour, and will involve stiles, muddy paths and other obstacles, and are thus only feasible for people with full mobility and able to walk at a moderate pace.
Wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather conditions. Several of the paths are overgrown so long trousers are recommended.
Ideally remain silent throughout
Check headphones are on the correct ears
Set the volume of your device to maximum, adjusting it as necessary should it become uncomfortable
There will be extended periods of silence on the recording so don’t assume your device is not working

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above photo by Mia Niedojadlo