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Winter Lodge walks


15 December 2015


9 December 2014


Photo credit: Rob Flint

A 90-minute soundwalk, performed the NTU Fine Art Winter Lodge residency/retreat at Ilam Hall in Staffordshire, inspired by Kay Dick’s novel ‘They’ and a recent reading of her work at Foredown Water Tower in Portslade (http://www.cine-city.co.uk/festival-event/they-a-sequence-of-unease-by-kay-dick/)., which houses a camera obscura, providing a curiously detached view of the surrounding landscape, which heightened the effect of her cool evocations of a dystopian version  of the South Downs.

Ilam Hall

December 11 2013

Ilam Hall

December 12 2012

Photo credit: Joanne Lee


December 14 2011