Soundwalking: Deep Listening and Spatio-Temporal Montage in Humanities, Vol 6 Issue 3


OpenCity. Reflections on OpenCity Aix in PAUST (Performance Architecture Urbanism Space Theatre)


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January 2011

Performing Stillness: Community in Waiting (book chapter) by Emma Cocker in ‘Stillness in a Mobile World’

Winter 2010

R.S.V.P.: Choreographing Collectivity through Invitation and Response Emma Cocker In the online journal Rhizomes 21 winter 2010

September 2010

A fold-out pamphlet published by Open City in collaboration with designers Casciani Evans Wood. For a complimentary copy send an email request.

October 2008 (Psychogeography issue) – Art Project: Open City.

October 2008

"Pay attention to the footnotes: interrogating the hidden itineraries of writing and wandering", Hidden City Symposium, with Emma Cocker and Katie Doubleday part of "Mythogeography, Writing, & Site Specific Performance". University of Plymouth

OpenCity blog

November 2007

'Trial: a study of the devising process in Reckless Sleepers' 'Schrodinger's box' published by University of Plymouth Press


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Tak Tak Tak 4 (co-edited with Tim Brown) featuring Frank Key, Karl Blake, Piotr Rypson, Nick Toczek


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Tak Tak Tak 2 (co-edited with Tim Brown) featuring John Lyle, Jeff Nuttall, Thomas Hardy, Karl Blake, Ted Milton

Summer 1987
Tak Tak Tak 1 (co-edited with Tim Brown)

Autumn 1986

Mothertongues (co-edited with Tim Brown)

text by Andrew Clay, illustrations by Tom Hopkins and Karl Wagner