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Sound design

Photo credit: Mia Niedojadlo
Andrew Brown composes soundwalks as a means of deepening engagement with our environment. For over 20 years he has been using the soundwalk medium as a tactical and critical tool in a collective re-imagining of the sonic and human landscape. His interest is in close observation of our surroundings, with the aim of exposing the irresistible processes of change at individual, societal and global levels. He applies augmented reality in the form of soundwalks, combining field recordings with archival material and time-shifting sounds absent from our contemporary soundscape (with a nod to R. Murray Schafer).

Andrew's soundwalks are relevant to local authorities, museums, heritage organisations, galleries, colleges, and community groups. He can either operate as a solo artist hired to produce bespoke soundwalks, or engage others in the creative process. His walks have been commissioned by organisations such as: Nottingham Contemporary
UK Young Artists
Mobile Audio Fest (Aix-en-Provence)
Bergen Academy of Art and Design
and The South Wingfield and Pentrich Revolution Group

As a member of the percussion-led group Left Hand Right Hand Andrew has performed across Europe and the USA, with a particular interest in free improvisation and expanded cinema, composing live soundtracks as accompaniment to silent films, as well as contemporary dance. He is also experienced in recording studio techniques.

To discuss sound design contact andrew@taktaktak.co.uk


Photo credit: Allan Siegel
In addition to lecturing on the progressive interdisciplinary Fine Art course at Nottingham Trent University for the past two decades, and running the Masters in Fine Art (MFA) there, Andrew has taught students in Japan, Hungary, Norway, Germany, Sweden and France. In recent years he has been working with organisations that support refugees and asylum seekers, running workshops that use the media of sound and clay to draw out and enable the sharing of individual stories.

For further information on workshops and teaching contact andrew@taktaktak.co.uk


Andrew’s artistic research engages with several areas of enquiry, around thematics such as failed modernist utopias and resonant ruination.
Andrew has presented papers and soundwalks at  international conferences and participated in artistic research residencies. He has contributed to journals and publications, such as Dance Theatre Journal. He is co-author of Trial: A Study of the Devising Process in Reckless Sleepers' ‘Schrödinger's Box. A list of his publications can be found here, also a bibliography containing texts that have informed his research. Alongside his sound/walking practice, he has also produced numerous research outputs