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Open City New York

18 February 2020

I took advantage of being in the city to reprise the soundwalk that I devised three years earlier, loaning out pre-loaded ipods to willing participants

OpenCity New York

24-27 February 2017


A movie-inspired Manhattan soundwalk of one hour duration, designed to be experienced independently in the area around Times Square, ideally at dusk. I assembled recordings from an array of films set in New York and wove them together to conjure up a sense of the city's streetlife, in all its frenetic-ness and brashness. As with all my soundwalks this was intended to be experienced in conjunction with the simultaneous sound collage produced by the city itself, in a never-to-be-repeated improvisation. In contrast with my other soundwalks I did not include any of my own recordings, and also did not test the walk in advance of sharing it with participants.