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Lost Walks, in unfamiliar places, using diverse strategies to create disorientation

Lost in Barnsley

April 12 2011

I closed my eyes as my train approached the town, directed my gaze downwards as I left the station, and followed my feet for 30 minutes

Lost in Worksop

April 13 2010

I closed my eyes as the bus entered the town and followed my feet for 30 minutes

Sightless walk


June 2008


 Led by Emma Ota and Fiona Tan, I was taken on a blindfold walk through the city and then left alone, with a video camera running. After keeping my eyes closed for a minute or so I found myself in a communal garden, from where I gradually oriented myself back towards the train station.

Lost in downtown Tokyo

June 2008

Attempting to get lost employing strategies such as following strangers, and throwing dice

Lost in Takao

June 2008

Despite my best attempts to get lost in Tokyo's western suburb of Takao, the sound of trains from the direction I had come made it impossible.