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Lost Walk - Giudecca


16 – 18 June 2019 

Photo credit: Mika Elo

This walk was a collaboration with Katja Hock, based upon a previous experiential work that she and I devised for the No Telos residency in Venice in 2017.
We composed it as part of Bodied Languages: Moving | Feeling | Sensing, a series of corporeal, experiential encounters with language through participatory workshops and collective actions.
This in turn was a component of Research Pavilion #3: Research Ecologies, in the context of the 58th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia http://www.researchpavilion.fi/

We guided participants through a sensory engagement with the island of Giudecca, navigating the bridges and courtyards and co-operating through touch and voice as they climbed and descended the steps of the numerous bridges. At certain points the person at the back of the line was 'let go' and invited to remain in the place they were left for several minutes, with their eyes closed, before documenting their experience in some form.