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My recent PhD explored the potential of soundwalking methodology as a means of esearch. Future research will involve staging new soundwalks as well as revisiting old sites. To find out more contact email

Independent soundwalks

Photo credit: Mickey Lee for Nine Elms on the South Bank
Several OpenCity soundwalks have been composed with an independent experience in mind, created in short sections to enable participants to synchronise the recording with landmarks along their walk. Some have also been made using smartphone apps. For further details click here


Image credit: Louis Niedojadlo
The soundwalk medium has potential as a critical tool for exploring our human environment, but also in gaining a deeper appreciation of our shared environment, in relation to acoustic ecology, and adoption of a more responsible position towards it.
The medium can also be applied to the processes of perception, of the art experience itself, and of the artist/audience relationship. I have used it to probe such subjects the English countryside, failed utopias, post-industrial ruination, and the role of the tour guide. At root, a soundwalk provides a stark reminder of time passing and the processes of change.

The soundwalk experience shares significant features with cinema, such as in the co-constructive relationship between sound and image and the taking of imaginative journeys into other worlds. Beyond the auditorium screen, a soundwalk provides a far less bounded, even panoramic perspective, placing the participant in a specific setting within which they may be taken through diverse (and possibly contradictory) states.

There is also potential for the soundwalk to be applied as a means of engendering understanding between  communities through the creation of dialogic space. I have already witnessed its capacity to provide agency for people, in particular those who are currently marginalised, through which they might explore their own relationship with place and self-/shared identity?

If you are interested in developing these or related ideas then contact me