The maps and soundfiles for the walk are available to stream or download below, split into five consecutive sections, to enable participants to more easily synchronise their pace with that of the recording.
The five maps in the sequence below each correspond to the five recordings A to E.
The start point is in the underpass on the Cannstatt side of the Neckar river, down the steps from the Mercedesstrasse U'Bahn. The walk concludes at the same spot, 50 minutes later.

Adopt a steady moderate walking pace throughout. There are some periods of silence on the recording so don’t assume it has gone wrong.
Check headphones are on the correct ears
Ensure that your smartphone or other device is fully charged and that you bring in- or on-ear or bone-conducting headphones (NOT the over-ear variety), to allow live environmental sounds to merge with the binaural recording.
Set the volume of your device to maximum, adjusting it as necessary should it become uncomfortable
It is recommended that if you are performing the walk as a group that you each start the recordings at the same moment and stick together
Ideally remain silent throughout

Please be aware that participation in an OpenCity soundwalk is entirely at participant's own risk and that walking whilst listening through headphones is likely to be disorientating. Thus special care should be taken on stages of the route where there may be runners, cyclists and motorists, and especially where there is deep water. Although the latter half of part A of the walk is unsuitable for people with limited mobility the riverside section can simply be missed out. Wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather conditions.

Stage A (in the underpass on the Cannstatt side of the Neckar river, down the steps from the Mercedesstrasse U'Bahn)

Stage B (in front of the railings at the top of the flight of steps leading down to the lock)

Stage C (at the crossing of Schönestraße)

And now map view, for greater clarity...

Stage D (on Badstraße)

Stage E (at the junction of Felgergasse and Badgraben)