above drawing by Louis Niedojadlo

Andrew Brown is an artist whose concerns include constructions of history and human experience. His formative experiences in lo-fi and DIY cultural marginalia have led him to becoming an exponent of the sound walk, which he uses as a tactical and critical tool in a collective re-imagining of the sonic and human environment. Recent work has been performed at audio art events in Aix-en-Provence, Berlin and Belgrade. He has presented papers and sound walks at conferences in Toronto, Lyon, Bergen and Berlin and has contributed to numerous journals and publications, including Dance Theatre Journal. In addition to lecturing on the progressive interdisciplinary Fine Art course at Nottingham Trent he has worked with students in Japan, Hungary, Germany and France.

above photo by Mia Niedojadlo

This site is where he archives his activities, both autonomously and under the name OpenCity, a research project that he initiated in 2006. It also provides a source of information for anyone interested in participating in forthcoming OpenCity soundwalks.